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IKA NATASSA is an Indonesian author who is also a banker at the largest bank in Indonesia and the founder of LitBox, the first literary startup of its kind in the country, which combines the concept of mystery box and onine promotions for writers. 

She loves writing since since was a little kid and finished writing her first novel in English at the age of 19. She is best known for writing a series of popular novels focusing on the lives of young bankers in Indonesia. Her debut novel A Very Yuppy Wedding is published in 2007, and she has released ten books since: Divortiare (2008), Underground (2010), Antologi Rasa (2011), Twivortiare (2012), Twivortiare 2 (2014), Critical Eleven (2015), The Architecture of Love (2016), Susah Sinyal (2017), Sementara Selamanya (2020), and Heartbreak Motel (2022). A Very Yuppy Wedding is the Editor's Choice of Cosmopolitan Indonesia magazine in 2008, and she was also nominated in the Talented Young Writer category in the prestigious Khatulistiwa Literary Award in the same year. She loves to experiment with writing methods, Twivortiare and Twivortiare 2 are the two novels she wrote entirely on Twitter. The Architecture of Love which started as #PollStory project with Twitter Indonesia is the first book in the world to be written using polls feature on Twitter.

Natassa is also one of the finalists of Fun Fearless Female of Cosmopolitan Indonesia magazine. In 2008, she was awarded with The Best Change Agent at her company for her active role in corporate culture implementation in the bank, and in 2010 she was awarded for 2010 Best Employee Award. Her success in maintaining a career at the bank whilst pursuing writing as her other passion led to her being awarded awarded as the Women Icon by The Marketeers in 2010. 

Out of the love of books, in 2013 she founded LitBox, a brand new concept she's in introducing to readers in Indonesia. It's the first literary startup company of its kind, aiming to provide readers with recommended books, to help writers get their writings read by people, and to help publishers introduce new talents to the market. On July 2014, she commenced a social movement campaign to promote the joy of reading called Reading is Sexy, so far supported by Indonesian and regional public figures such as Acha Septriasa, Jason Godfrey, Hamish Daud Wyllie, Karina Salim, Ernest Prakasa, Mouly Surya, and many more. 

To learn more about Ika's banking experiences, visit her LinkedIn page.

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